Our Story

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a relentless pursuit of excellence at Ollies Wooden Blocks – we’d first off like to thank all you out there who wholeheartedly supported us and our products. Your support meant that we could fulfill a dream, a passion, and much more than that, offer products that we all love.

Meant for generations to come – Ollies Blocks are crafted with a keen sense of family, they are not just meant for that little one who is the center of all your attention but are also meant to create family fun time, and hours of it to look forward to. Each set of blocks is meant to unleash your imagination!

Handmade to perfection, Ollies Blocks are produced and manufactured in our workshop in Northern Israel. A family owned business – we opened our doors to the world in 2016, essentially a company that puts great importance towards craftsmanship. All the parts were carefully designed and put together by hand using only solid oak which as we all know is durable and timeless.

Ollies Blocks are more than just a one off toy purchase but are more like a family heirloom you are able to pass along from one generation to another – cherishing the emotions which go with it as well. We are also in the business of preserving nature, which is exactly why all products are toxic free and organic.

How it all started: